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Records of human occupation in the municipality date back to prehistoric times. With the Roman presence, in the 1st to 4th centuries of our era, Cetóbriga was born, an important urban and industrial center, mainly linked to the salting of fish.
From the 15th century onwards, the town developed economic activities, mainly linked to industry and commerce The Age of Discovery brought great development, with King Afonso V, in 1458, sailing from the port of Setúbal to the conquest of Alcácer Ceguer.
Throughout the 19th century, economic and social development transformed the town into one of the most important commercial and industrial centers in the country.
Today, Setúbal, rich in its heritage and eternal in its history, combines urban and rural characteristics, land and sea, city and nature, tradition and modernity.
The municipality and the district capital are home to important industrial and service centers.

Updated on 4/09/2023
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