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Vila Franca de Xira

A municipality that integrates urban and rural characteristics, its location allows it to enjoy a valuable natural heritage: from the beauty of the River Tagus to the Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve, from the splendor of the Lezírias to the grandeur of the Montes.

Vila Franca de Xira's centuries-old connection to the countryside and livestock farming has given it an important cultural heritage that is one of the main foundations of its identity: the festa brava. Campino, bull and horse make up a unique picture of life in the region.

Also noteworthy is its historical heritage, especially the old town centers and the municipal farms with palatial buildings and beautiful green areas.

But above all, the municipality of Vila Franca de Xira is characterized by the hospitable spirit of its people, who keep alight the flame of a region full of typicality and traditions that, in most cases, have survived intact to the present day.

Updated on 14/11/2023
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