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AML's food strategy highlighted at European project meeting

AML presented the work on food systems that has been carried out in the region at the final meeting of the European COCOREADO project consortium, which took place on November 8 in Lisbon.

The presentation, made by Metropolitan Secretary Filipe Ferreira, highlighted the importance of the food issue within the framework of the Lisbon Regional Strategy and the Lisbon Intelligent Specialization Strategy.

Foodlink's work and the process of building a strategy for food transition in the Lisbon metropolitan area were also highlighted.

There was also an opportunity to present the AML Alimenta project, which aims to promote sustainable food, the Mediterranean diet and the fight against food waste in markets and schools in the region.

The COCOREADO project

COCOREADO(https://cocoreado.eu/) is a project developed at European level under the Horizon 2020 research and development program, which aims to value farmers and producers in the food supply chain.

The project is being developed by a consortium of 13 European partners, including the Portuguese agri-food consultancy CONSULAI, universities, research centers and European organizations of young farmers.

COCOREADO also has 40 ambassadors from different European countries who receive specific training to apply the knowledge acquired in their regions. As part of the project's activities, 15 initiatives were honored for their innovative and fair character, two of which are developed in Portugal: PROVE - Promote and Sell(https://cocoreado.eu/prove-promote-sell/) and Fruta Feia(https://cocoreado.eu/fruta-feia/).

Updated on 13/11/2023
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