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Lisbon Metropolitan Area has internal plan for Gender Equality

The plan for equality between women and men in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area was approved in December 2022, integrating the international and national regulatory framework for the realization of equality between women and men.

The implementation of the plan illustrates not only the importance of the contribution of entities such as the Área Metropolitana de Lisboa to building a fully democratic and inclusive society, but also the advantages of integrating a gender equality perspective into the institution

In this context, AML undertakes to implement the Plan for Equality between Women and Men, to make a public commitment to promoting equality between women and men, to ensure its monitoring, follow-up and sustainability, to publicize the plan and its strategic importance for the entity, and to involve all employees in its implementation.

The plan also makes other commitments: to encourage participation in the promotion of equality between women and men, to ensure information on rights and duties in the field of equality and non-discrimination, to promote a culture of equality in the workplace, to ensure equal opportunities in access to training, to guarantee the right to take parental leave, to promote the reconciliation of working life with family and personal life for male and female workers, and to ensure that the teleworking regime takes into account the need to reconcile professional, family and personal life.

The document is also aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

The research team that drew up the diagnostic report and the proposal for the plan was made up of Sara Falcão Casaca, a professor at the University of Lisbon's Higher Institute of Economics and Management and a member of the Research Centre for Economic and Organizational Sociology (SOCIUS), and Susana Ramalho Marques, a researcher and member of the Research Centre for Economic and Organizational Sociology (SOCIUS) and a guest lecturer on the master's degree in Women's Studies - Gender, Citizenship and Development at Universidade Aberta.

Updated on 20/04/2023
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