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metropolitan group works with disadvantaged communities as part of the RRP

The Communities in Action program - integrated metropolitan operations (a metropolitan plan to support disadvantaged communities in the Lisbon metropolitan area) was the basis for another meeting of the metropolitan working group on disadvantaged communities, which took place on May 26 at the headquarters of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and involved around 60 participants.

The meeting gave a more detailed overview of the projects being developed by the municipalities, which involve investments of more than one million euros.

Preparations have also begun for the six biannual local meetings, which aim to highlight the various social inclusion initiatives carried out by municipalities under the Communities in Action program, and to showcase the dynamics under development in local communities. Lisbon, Alcochete, Loures, Barreiro, Sintra and Setúbal - as leaders of territorial interventions with a sub-regional impact - will be the chosen locations for these meetings, which will take place between September 2023 and June 2025.

In addition to the meetings, there will also be three metropolitan seminars, the aim of which will be to raise national awareness of the Communities in Action program, discuss social inclusion policies, projects and practices in the Lisbon metropolitan area, and explain municipal action for inclusion. These will be thematic seminars, focused on the programme's metropolitan axes, and will be attended by members of the government, mayors, experts and civil society organizations.

They will take place in Vila Franca de Xira, Seixal and Cascais between November 2023 and November 2025.

A number of formal and financial situations were also discussed, namely investment and implementation data, program contracts, public procurement and timetables.

As part of the program, AML is promoting training sessions on the Public Contracts Code (the contract manager, the acquisition of goods and services and works contracts).

With a budget of 121.5 million euros, the main aim of the metropolitan plan is to regenerate and promote the social inclusion of disadvantaged communities living in situations of deprivation and exclusion in the Lisbon metropolitan area.

It includes around 700 projects, in the form of tangible and intangible actions, to be carried out by the end of 2025 in 67 disadvantaged communities.

The metropolitan working groups are coordinated by a member of the municipal executive committee and are made up of political and technical representatives from the 18 municipalities in the Lisbon metropolitan area. 

Its deliberations support the work of the executive committee and the metropolitan council.

Updated on 11/07/2023
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