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project on the impact of earthquakes on transport networks and housing stock...

The methodology for the Safenet(Seismic Risk Assessment for Transportation Networks) research project, which addresses the impact of earthquakes on transportation networks and housing stock, was presented at an event held at the Instituto Superior Técnico on May 17.

Around 30 technicians, managers and researchers from various national institutions were present, including the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, which is supporting the project.

The project, which began in March 2023, also aims to develop a platform for assessing the damage caused by earthquakes in transportation networks and analyzing the impact of this damage on users.

It has three main objectives: to develop systems for calculating damage and human losses in real time due to earthquakes; to characterize the seismic vulnerability of buildings using artificial intelligence and Google Street View images; and to evaluate the transport network in an urban environment in the face of strong earthquakes.

To demonstrate the applicability of the project, the methodology developed will be applied to two case studies, one of which is the Lisbon metropolitan area.

The results of the project, funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, will be important for the development and implementation of seismic risk mitigation measures in the Lisbon metropolitan area.

Photo: Jens Aber @unsplash

Updated on 11/07/2023
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