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Navegante's fourth anniversary celebrated in Sesimbra

TML - Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa marked the fourth anniversary of the navegante fare system on March 30, at a ceremony held in Sesimbra, at the Cineteatro Municipal João Mota.

The event was attended by Duarte Cordeiro, Minister for the Environment and Climate Action, Jorge Delgado, Secretary of State for Urban Mobility, Francisco Jesus, Mayor of Sesimbra, Carla Tavares, President of the Lisbon Metropolitan Council, Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues, President of the Porto Metropolitan Council, Carlos Humberto, first secretary of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, Ariana Pinho, first secretary of the Porto Metropolitan Area, and Faustino Gomes, chairman of the board of directors of TML - Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa, among other guests and representatives of transport operators and local and national institutions.

At the ceremony, the importance of the navigating tariff system was unanimously underlined, which, in the words of the Minister for the Environment and Climate Action, "allows us to see the impact that public policy can have on transforming people's lives". Duarte Cordeiro welcomed the courage that the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and its 18 municipalities had shown in a "collective construction, which brought together national and local efforts", and pointed to new paths for the mobility of the entire Lisbon metropolitan area: "to overcome the challenge of decarbonization we must continue the path that began in 2019 and invest in public transport".

The Secretary of State, Jorge Delgado, said that "the navigator has made it more attractive to use public transport, which has to be the backbone of mobility".

For the host mayor, "The creation of the navigator was the most economically significant measure in recent years for households, which has resulted in a huge income recovery". Francisco Jesus also appealed to the government to "ensure the necessary financial support for the current management of the operation", in line with what the municipalities themselves are doing.

Carla Tavares, president of the Lisbon Metropolitan Council, also recalled that "it is gratifying to look at the journey we have made together, and that it was only possible to achieve this result with everyone's commitment", adding that "despite the adversities, these have been gradually overcome with everyone's participation".

The metropolitan first secretary recalled that "ambitious and difficult goals were set, in a disruptive and revolutionary process", but that this "was the right path for mobility in the Lisbon metropolitan area and in the country, only possible with the commitment, articulation, cooperation, and consensus-building between the municipalities, the government, and entities involved in the sector". Carlos Humberto de Carvalho concluded his speech by saying that "we have inspiration, a vision, and a project that we built together, and together, with boldness, energy, creativity, knowledge, and motivation, we will continue along this path".

Faustino Gomes, chairman of the board of Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa, took a look back at the operation since 2019, and the impact it has had on the population, "despite the effects of the pandemic, with negative results in the operation, the sailing pass has fulfilled and fulfills its purpose. It is the future".

The ceremony also served to showcase the navigator's new campaign, which highlights the advantages of public transport over the use of the car, "the main enemy of public transport".

Photos: C.M.Sesimbra / Rui João Rodrigues

Updated on 20/04/2023
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