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Organization of logistics seminar testifies to Lisbon Metropolitan Area's broad vision of mobility

"Logistics is absolutely central to meeting Portugal's climate goals, and it is therefore essential to establish clear rules for the sector so that it is more efficient and decarbonized," said João Pedro Matos Fernandes, Minister for the Environment and Climate Action, at the close of the seminar Logistics in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area - Contributions to Anticipating the Future, organized by TML - Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa, on November 16.

For João Matos Fernandes, "the metropolitan area is really the ideal scale for working on all the complex logistics issues".

At the opening session of the seminar, the president of the Lisbon Metropolitan Council, Carla Tavares, began by praising the seminar as "very important for the Lisbon region, and also for the country", adding that "the Lisbon Metropolitan Area cannot remain indifferent to the needs felt by our companies, and must also play a leading role in the area of freight transport, taking advantage of the experience acquired in the management of passenger road transport".

In Carla Tavares' opinion, "the Lisbon metropolitan area has the conditions to position itself as a benchmark in national and international logistics chains, and can thus contribute to the competitiveness of the region and its companies".

Also at the opening session, Faustino Gomes, chairman of TML's executive board of directors, said that "our concern is to look at people and understand how we can help make mobility better, because we know that logistics is also a key element in this area".

The importance of logistics, the market network as a public policy instrument, the evolution of logistics, the role of the road-rail system, the importance of innovation and territorial cohesion, the organization of the logistics chain, and European policies and funding for urban logistics were some of the topics covered during the seminar, which was sponsored by the Port of Lisbon.

At the closing session, the metropolitan first secretary, Carlos Humberto de Carvalho, stressed the importance of organizing the seminar for the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, which "proves the very broad vision of how we see mobility, and mirrors the work we are doing to make mobility a right".

Carlos Humberto de Carvalho pointed to the future: "we want to help build a new era, paying more attention to environmental issues, to simplifying and reducing fares, to intermodality, to dematerializing ticketing, to disseminating information, to linking soft modes with the entire system, to logistics, to monitoring traffic, to building transport-related infrastructure on our own site and to expanding our intervention in other modes of transport."

The seminar was also attended by Jorge Proença dos Reis, chairman of the Sociedade Instaladora de Mercados Abastecedores and Mercado Abastecedor da Região de Lisboa group, Susana Castelo, CEO of Consultores Transportes, Inovação e Sistemas, Carlos Fernandes, vice-chairman of the executive board of Infraestruturas de Portugal, Nuno Bento, coordinator of the Lisbon and Tagus Valley Regional Coordination and Development Commission, João Tiago Carapau, general director of Sociedade Instaladora de Mercados Abastecedores, Carlos Moura, vice-president of the Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Similar Services of Portugal, Manuela Patrício, director of the Port of Lisbon Administration, Raul Magalhães, president of the Portuguese Logistics Association, Sandra Ferreira, deputy director of Humberto Delgado Airport (ANA), Artur Andrade, director of GS1 Portugal, Fernando Liesa, secretary-general of the Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe , and Sofia Bento, from the board of the Institute of Mobility and Transport.

The debates were moderated by José Limão, a consultant, and by Sónia Alegre and Rui Lopo, directors of Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa.

The event took place in person, in the auditorium of Gare Marítima de Alcântara, and was streamed on Linkedin, Youtube and Twitter by Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa.

Updated on 18/11/2021
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