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Music and theater in Mural 18's cultural program for this weekend

Mural 18's cultural program, which is drawing to a close, this weekend features two musical concerts (in Loures and Sacavém) and a theater show (in Cascais).

Extending until December 2021, the program is being materialized in a series of events in different artistic areas, primarily outdoors, and in spaces that enhance the cultural heritage and landscape of our territory.

November 20th, 8:30pm

Aldebarã (theater)

Fernando Lopes-Graça Auditorium, Palmela Park, Cascais

A show based on the mythological journeys of heroes like Ulysses, Aeneas and Jason. "Portugal, year 2118. The earth's natural resources are exhausted and humanity is on the brink of extinction. As a last resort, the Portuguese space agency sends an expedition in search of another habitable planet. Destination: the star Aldebaran, one of the closest to our solar system. They are looking for crew members for this mission full of dangers and uncertainties. But the only volunteers are a crew of outcasts, misfits and troublemakers. Now these futuristic Argonauts must join forces and set off into the unknown. Can they save the planet that rejected them?"

A project conceived by the cultural association Terra Amarela, with text by Alex Cassal, staging by Marco Paiva, and a cast of performers-creators with a profile that relies on difference (Barbara Pollastri, Joana Honório, Tânia Alves and Tony Wever).

Tickets cost 8 euros (normal) and 6.5 euros (students, senior citizens and entertainment professionals). Organization: Cascais City Council.

November 20th, 21h00

Mosaico Musical Duo Cortez-Guerreiro (music)

Mother Church of Loures

Concert with Elsa Cortês (soprano) and Júlio Guerreiro (guitar).

The program is made up of Iberian repertoire, represented on the Hispanic side by the "coplas" (by the composer Joaquín Rodrigo) and the "seguidillas" (by the nineteenth-century Fernando Sor), and on the Lusitanian side by the Lusitanian troubadour song (composers Francisco de Lacerda and Frederico de Freitas). There will also be a third part, with French and English popular songs, harmonized by Mátyás Seiber and Benjamin Britten.

Free entry, subject to prior reservation. For more information, e-mail dc@cm-loures.pt and call 211 151 172. Organization: Loures City Council. 

November 21st, 11h00

Let's Dive into the Stories They Tell Us (music)

Sacavém Ceramics Museum Auditorium

A trumpet with a bowl-shaped mouthpiece. A horn with a funnel-shaped mouthpiece and a long narrow tube. A trombone with two U-shaped tubes, one of which slides inside the other. Let's navigate the sounds of the tubes of these musical instruments and immerse ourselves in the stories they tell us. Davide Lopes (Trumpet), Derek Aguiar (Horn) and João Canelas (Trombone) are the musicians in this brass trio, who join Susana Henriques for an extraordinary journey to the sound of Poulenc, Beethoven and Gershwin.

Free entry, subject to prior reservation. For more information, e-mail dc@cm-loures.pt and call 211 151 172. Organization: Loures City Council.

See the full program here.  

It should be remembered that through Mural 18, which has a financial contribution of 1.5 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund - the result of an application submitted by the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and its 18 municipalities under the Lisbon 2020 Regional Operational Program - a vast cultural program is being developed, uniting cultural agents, municipalities and citizens, in defense of the artistic community and our intangible and material cultural heritage.

This initiative, which comes at a particularly delicate time for the entire cultural sector, is the result of the clear will of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and its 18 municipalities to create a program that underlines the importance of culture in the lives of communities, and that is a clear mark of support for those who make culture their life and livelihood. 

For all these reasons, we remain wall-to-wall in our support for culture.

Updated on 18/11/2021
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