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An investment of 121.5 million euros for the regeneration of disadvantaged communities in the Lisbon metropolitan area

The Lisbon Metropolitan Area (AML), and its 18 municipalities, will promote the regeneration and social inclusion of disadvantaged communities, where various social and economic vulnerabilities are concentrated, through the Metropolitan Support Plan for Disadvantaged Communities in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area.

The Metropolitan Support Plan for Disadvantaged Communities in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, drawn up as part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, will be materialized in six territorial interventions, with an inter-municipal impact, aimed at promoting social and economic development.

With an allocation of 121.5 million euros, the plan will be implemented between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2025 in the 18 municipalities of the Lisbon metropolitan area.

The funds will be invested in works, construction and immaterial actions, according to seven areas of intervention: environment and enhancement of public space; culture and creativity; education; citizenship and empowerment of communities; employment and local economy; health; and social dynamism.


The plan will be implemented according to an integrated, multi-level and multi-actor governance model, on a metropolitan (plan), inter-municipal (territorial intervention), and municipal and parish (local integrated operation) scale.

The integrated approach will be concerted with communities and led by locally-based partnerships involving municipalities, local organizations and public bodies from relevant sectors (culture, employment, economy, education, migration, health or social security).

In order to guarantee relevant levels of socio-economic and territorial impact in tackling the problems of poverty and social exclusion, each of the local territorial interventions will have a minimum investment amount of 2.75 million euros.

Communities living in urban neighborhoods, areas or territories will be eligible to implement territorial interventions at the parish level. They will have to meet at least three of the following conditions: poor or precarious housing conditions; prevalence of unemployment, low income and material poverty; problems of access to health, sport, education and culture; problems of school dropout and failure; problems of citizenship and access to rights; problems of active and healthy ageing.

In conjunction with the municipalities, the Recovering Portugal Mission Structure and other entities, AML will manage the implementation of the interventions, their follow-up, monitoring, control, auditing and evaluation, among other vital obligations to regulate and implement the investments.

Photo (body of the article): Fernando Zarcos/CMLoures

Updated on 14/01/2022
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