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AML hosts first meeting of the Sub-Regional Commission of the Integrated Rural Fire Management System

Tomorrow, March 16, the headquarters of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area will host the first meeting of the AML Sub-Regional Commission of the Integrated Rural Fire Management System.

The meeting, which will take place in person, will start at 10 a.m. and will serve to introduce the members of the committee, approve its bylaws and present the governance model, among other matters.

The Integrated Rural Fire Management System operates at four territorial levels: national, regional, sub-regional and municipal. The system is governed by integrated rural fire management committees, responsible for each of the territorial levels.

The sub-regional integrated rural fire management committees work with the respective inter-municipal entities, which chair the deliberative meetings and provide the necessary logistical support. Their main competencies are to define the coordination of action between public and private entities in terms of integrated rural fire management in their sub-region, approve the sub-regional action program, submit the proposed sub-regional action program to the respective regional commission, monitor and evaluate the implementation of the sub-regional action program, promote, follow up and monitor the development of the actions of the municipal programs, promote compliance with the communication programs and give an opinion on the municipal programs.

The commission will be chaired by the vice-president of the Lisbon Metropolitan Council, Hélder Sousa Silva (mayor of Mafra).

The Integrated Rural Fire Management System is based on two fundamental pillars for reducing the impact of rural fires: rural fire management and rural fire protection.

The system, which has forest conservation and management as a necessary condition for its success, includes planning, prevention, preparation, pre-suppression, suppression and rescue, and post-event actions.

Photo: Karsten Winegeart@unsplash

Updated on 15/03/2022
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