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Lisbon Metropolitan Area takes part in mobility seminar

The Lisbon Metropolitan Area was invited to take part in the opening panel of a seminar on mobility organized by EuroTransporte magazine, which took place yesterday at the Alcântara Maritime Station in Lisbon.

The seminar, entitled "The New Mobility in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area", presented and discussed the challenges of the new Carris Metropolitana network, the vision of mobility operators, technology as an engine for modernizing the system, the articulation of regional road transport and strategies for improving mobility.

The Metropolitan First Secretary, Carlos Humberto de Carvalho, who was invited to the opening session, highlighted the importance of mobility for the prosperity of the Lisbon metropolitan area and for the quality of life of its 2.8 million inhabitants: "giving priority to mobility means giving life to the whole region, it means serving people, whether it's to work or study, for leisure reasons, or to go shopping, and it's on this consensual idea that the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, the municipalities, the government, the political parties and the operators have been working over the last few years," he said.

Faustino Gomes, chairman of the board of TML - Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa, and Nuno Marques da Costa, professor and researcher at the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning at the University of Lisbon, were the main speakers at the seminar.

Updated on 6/04/2022
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