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River services between Barreiro and Lisbon disrupted on June 22nd and 23rd

The Lisbon Metropolitan Area has been informed by the board of directors of TTSL - Transtejo Soflusa that river transport services between Barreiro and Lisbon (Terreiro do Paço) will be disrupted on June 22 and 23.  

The cancellations will take place at the following times: Barreiro - Lisbon (Terreiro do Paço): 0h05, 5h20, 6h15, 6h45, 7h15, 7h35, 8h05, 8h25, 8h55, 14h55, 16h20, 17h10, 18h00, 18h50 and 19h50. In the Lisbon (Terreiro do Paço) - Barreiro direction: 0h30, 5h50, 6h40, 7h10, 7h40, 8h00, 8h30, 8h50, 9h20, 15h20, 16h45, 17h35, 18h25, 19h15 and 20h15.

Updated on 22/06/2022
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